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Database With ODBC + FNXbasic : It works

Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2013 9:54 am
by martiekr
Hi Bruno,

i`m testing it too. It works like a charm, great job�  ;D .
I was looking for this a long time, thanks for sharing it.

I`m using your system to connect to an PostgreSQL database (on Linux) and can retrieve data from a table.

There are some drawbacks:
it cannot handle column names having an underscore in it and it cannot handle the column type `text` (=`clob`, MS-Access calls this `memo`). Both causing the program to crash nasty (with an "Acces-Violation" abend)..

I think this has something to do with fnxbasix as if i connect to the same table using ODBC in MS-Access(table-connect) the table is shown without errors.


[quote author=373323282325747E460 link=1344582769/0#0 date=1344582769]Bonjour/ hello

I propose my first try for using ODBC with FNXbasic. the file ZIP contains :
- a file .inc to declare const� and function ODBC
- a file .bas which connect and select a Access Database
- a file .doc to create the DNS for this example (DNS "test")
- a file .mdb (sample.mdb)
- a file .exe

Warning : the all ODBC functions are not declare in the .inc, Only the main for usual query.

test on Win XP SP2 French