My first feedback

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My first feedback

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Wed Jan 20, 2016 10:45 am


I`ve been searching for an easy but powerful BASIC dialect to create little GUI apps and came here.

I`m very impressed how easy a lot of things can be done with FNXBasic. Great job!  :D

These are the points I found up to now that might be improved:

1) BerbelEdit crashes for me on some systems (no matter whether portable or not).
Workaround for me: Run in compatibility mode for Win98/ME or Win95.

2) Some obvious syntax error crash the runtime but should create an error message:

dim text$ as String
text$ = "A" + + "B"
Print text$

3) (Maybe I`m wrong concerning this?) FNXBasic offers a really great way to communicate with DLLs. However, I am not able to declare the function Interface using (all) the (basic)  C data types (and convert them if needed) what intoduces some avoidable limitations ...

4) I`m missing the source code, at least the licence.
If this is meant to be a closed source project, it would be very helpful to tell in which specific environment FNXBasic has been created. Also a change history is missing, :-(. Sometimes older versions are a better choice e.g. if regression bugs occur but then you have to know the differences ...

5) Last but not least: FNXBasic would be a great language for beginners *if* there were a sufficient documentation. Brief descriptions, code examples and links from one keyword to the related ones (and to the code examples) are mostly missing. The old 2006 doc was already better.
Example: I couldn`t understand how to get a ListView working by reading the docs only even though I`m a developer (but Java,  ;)) myself. There is not even an example included. Yes, I can read the .NET docs or create an example with BerbelEdit, but this is a great hurdle for beginners ...

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