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Re: How To Use Programming Languages?

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Sorry for the late response. :(

c/c++/c#/java/... are compiler type languages. The code is written with text editors and then compiled by either command line instructions or thru the use of a IDE, visual or text based.
Depending on what your programs` needs different languages may make writing the application easier.
Many of the web languages are interpreter based - sorta. Like BASIC, web pages are read line by line. Remembering parts as needed to be accessed when needed. Newer languages like RapidQ even as old as it is is a good RAD platform to create fast GUID applications. Java on the other hand can create.cross platform applications much easier. Now FNX is like RQ but (sorry Marco) not as well developed as RQ, but they are both easy to learn. Ok now that I have you completely confused ... The best answer - hum - Learning them - Go to sites that have tutorials. - gear your tutorial sorts to what you want to accomplish to determine which language may fit your needs best. I use RQ alot (Sorry Marco - again) because of it`s large user base. The users can create new objects as needed quickly. One programmer created a real good SQLITE database qobject which I have used. Since you started with web based languages - maybe languages like FNX and RQ are a good places to start. Confused before? Probably more so now. I hope I`ve helped. BTW There is a good GUI Form designer/IDE called FireFly for FreeBasic check that out too.

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