FNXBasic is a programming language to create Windows applications. The package contains a compiler and an editor to edit your basic code. You can use many windows components like comboboxes, listboxes,forms etc into your program. The type of the language is a legacy of the old basic, expanded with windows objects and uses OOP (object orientated programming).
It is also possible to write console applications. The basic source code will be compiled to one single executable file from about 400 kilobytes. FNXBasic is completely free and contains no malware and no spyware (it has taken a lot of time to develop it) The use is at your own risk.
The basic language allows you to create programs in an easy and fast way……

The byte code compiler translates a high-level language like basic into a very simple language that can be interpreted by a fast byte code interpreter. The internal representation of this simple language is a string of bytes. The compilation process eliminates a number of costly operations the interpreter has to perform.